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A gathering place for social & stimulating discourse, attracting those seeking a refreshing & innovative beverage.

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With a passion for all things botanical, Agora is home to a variety of exclusive juniper selections, offering a unique experience into the world of mixology. World-renowned maestro, simone caporale has curated a revolutionary menu aiming to please the most discerning connoisseurs.

Promising an appealing mix of unique cocktails, focusing on seamlessly blending classic techniques with avant-garde elements, resulting in delec- table flavors and a deluge of excitement.


Our culinary offerings are as exceptional as our cocktails, promising a gastronomic adventure that tantalizes the taste buds. Our menu is a fusion of global influences, carefully curated to deliver a diverse array of flavors.

Every bite at Agora is a celebration of taste and craftsmanship, with a focus on quality, authenticity, and creativity. Our cuisine complements the vibrant atmosphere, inviting guests to embark on a memorable unforgettable experience.


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With a passion for all things botanical, Agora is home to a variety of exclusive juniper selections…

Every Tuesday


Join us for a mesmerizing experience at Agora’s weekly musical journey!

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Every Wednesday from 8pm – 12am

Ladies’ Soiree

Experience an unforgettable Wednesday night at AGORA’s Ladies Night.

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Every Saturday from 9 PM till late

Agora Night

Get ready to dance the night away! Sound Affairs all-time Singalongs at Agora with DJ Pink JC.

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a gathering place
: a gathering place. especially : the marketplace in ancient Greece.

GF Level – The Dubai Edition Hotel, Downtown.

+971 58 592 5823


+971 58 592 5823